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How To Connect Bluetooth® Hearing Aids To Your TV

Man trying to connect his hearing aids to multiple tvs.

Modern digital hearing aids are complex devices with so much advanced technology. If you want an easier and more accessible time with streaming TV shows and movies to your hearing aids, this blog will explain how. 

Bluetooth® is the latest type of wireless technology used with smartphones, stereo systems (in your home and your car), and other digital devices that can connect to your hearing aids. It makes hearing everyday sounds and engaging in conversation simpler.     

Why Should You Use Bluetooth® Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids that feature Bluetooth® are getting more and more popular. Hearing aids with Bluetooth® compatibility are meaningful advancements for people with hearing loss. Sounds from a wireless signal for your music, TV, smartphone, or laptop can transfer to a Bluetooth® hearing aid. That means no more additional wires are needed. You can hear it in just one ear or both. 

Sound quality, clarity, and battery life also improved with Bluetooth®. Modern Bluetooth® hearing aids are widely available in discreet/nearly invisible sizes or larger and colorful ones if you want to show them off. 

Bluetooth® hearing aids let the user manually change the volume level that goes through the hearing aid or automate and change channels in another environment. For example, if you go into a noisy restaurant, your hearing aids can switch to a pre-programmed channel that your hearing instrument specialist created so you can hear the person you are with at an optimal level. 

Bluetooth® Hearing Aids & Your TV

Once you get the basics down, linking your hearing aids to your TV using Bluetooth® is easy. 

Here are the 5-easy steps:

  1. Switch your hearing aid on and place it in pairing mode.
  2. Open the “settings” option on your TV menu and select “Bluetooth® setting.”
  3. Choose your hearing aid from the Bluetooth® devices that are listed.
  4. There might be a PIN code that you need to enter. In this case, look through the hearing aid manual to find the code. 
  5. After you are connected, adjust the volume using your TV’s remote control.


If you notice any issues with the connection, look through the support documentation for your hearing aids or contact your hearing instrument specialist for assistance. After you connect your hearing aids to your TV, sit back, relax, and enjoy hearing your favorite movies, shows, or sports.

Common Problems With Bluetooth® Connection

  1. If you are having connection issues, your hearing aids must be within the same range as your phone and TV so there’s a smooth connection.
  2. Your Bluetooth® hearing aids need to be on. You can check this by accessing the settings or ask a hearing aid specialist for help.
  3. Your phone should NOT be in airplane mode. If it is, this will disrupt the connection to Bluetooth® for your hearing aids. 
  4. If connection issues persist, try turning your hearing aids off and then on when pairing them with a device. 


If there are still problems that you are facing with this, contact Pure Sound Hearing. We’ll help you figure out a solution. 

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