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Are You Having Problems With Connecting Your Hearing Aids With Your iPhone?

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If you’re an iPhone user who wears hearing aids, you may have been experiencing problems with the latest software update (iOS 15.4) that had led to your device becoming disconnected from your hearing aids. Here are some tips to restore your connection:

Separate the Pairing

  • Bluetooth should be switched on.
  • Go to the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • Scroll to “Accessibility”.
  • Through the “Accessibility” feature, select “Hearing Devices”
  • Press on the MFI hearing devices that show up and select “Forget this device”
  • Press “Forget” or “Confirm”
  • Your phone should be searching for your hearing aids

Pair Your Hearing Aids Again

Put all your devices near your iPhone and restart them to enable pairing mode.

  • If you have the button batteries, and non-rechargeable batteries, open and close the battery door.
  • If you have rechargeable hearing aids, switch them off and on by putting them in the charger until they are finished charging. Remove them to restore the power OR use the push button to place them in pairing mode.
  • The hearing aids will remain in pairing mode for three minutes.
  • The iPhone will detect the hearing aids in order to pair with them.
  • Recognized devices will appear on your iPhone screen (usually at the top, with “Patient’s First Name’s hearing aids R&L”).
  • Tap on the hearing aids.
  • The pairing needs to be confirmed by tapping “pair” (pairing confirmation needs to be done for each hearing aid if you have two).
  • Press the hearing aid app and confirm the hearing aids have been connected. 

After pairing your hearing aids with your phone, avoid turning off your phone for a couple of days. Sometimes, lower the power to reset the hearing aids. This issue usually happens when you switch off your phone. Leaving it for a while saves you from having to reconnect it every day.

In Conclusion

If you are still experiencing trouble connecting your hearing aids with your iPhone or any smartphone, please contact us at Pure Sound Hearing for tech support from one of our hearing instrument specialists.

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