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What Does Medicaid Cover For Hearing Aids?

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Hearing aids are not always an option for people, even if you have hearing loss. Communication becomes a barrier in your interactions with loved ones, colleagues, professionals who you need help from – basically, everyone. Not using hearing aids when needed can lead to Alzheimer‚Äôs, dementia, and falling. 

Based on where you live, coverage for hearing aids may be available through Medicare.

Understanding Medicaid   

Medicaid is healthcare coverage for millions of low-income Americans or those with specific disabilities. The federal government enforces requirements regulated by each state. Medicaid coverage will vary from state to state, and hearing coverage via Medicaid will also vary depending on where you live.

Some states offer all-inclusive benefits which cover hearing health, and others are more exclusive. 

Services That Medicaid May Cover for Hearing

The following hearing-related services might receive Medicaid coverage:

  • Hearing diagnostic evaluations
  • Hearing aid fitting, dispensing, purchases, and repairs
  • From birth until age 21, children and young adults can receive coverage for hearing services, like hearing aids through the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program.

These coverages vary by state. (Not including children, who receive coverage across the country with EPSDT.)

Review your state’s Medicaid program to understand what services are covered and whether you qualify.

To determine what coverage you may receive from your state, visit your state‚Äôs Medicaid website. 

Factors that may determine coverage:

  • The amount of hearing loss
  • Styles of hearing aids
  • Digital hearing aids that improve the quality of sound and subdue background noise
  • Different brands may be limited in coverage

Do Hearing Instrument Specialists (HIS) take Medicaid?

Yes. Hearing instrument specialists, like the ones from Pure Sound Hearing,¬†accept Medicaid. Check to¬†see if we also accept your insurance. If you don’t see your insurance listed, contact us to find out.

Don’t have Medicaid?

If you don’t have Medicaid coverage, and the cost of hearing aids is still financially unfeasible, there are discount hearing aids available at Pure Sound Hearing. Contact us for a complimentary hearing test and consultation with one of our hearing instrument specialists in Elizabethtown, Lititz, or Strasburg.

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