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Should You Wear Hearing Aids Or Earplugs To A Live Concert?

Lots of people at a concert.

If you wear hearing aids and plan to attend a concert this summer, consider some of these issues that may come up.

Whether you wear your hearing aids to a concert depends on your preferences. Some would recommend removing your hearing aids and wearing earplugs instead to protect your hearing. Depending on the music genre, the sounds will generally be loud enough for you to hear. 

If you choose to wear your hearing aids during a concert, you can turn down the volume on the devices. 

Additional protection like noise-canceling earmuffs can be helpful. These are better at canceling out sounds than earplugs while shielding the sound-transmitting bones that make up your ears. Encourage others who arrived at the concert with you to protect their hearing health.

Concerts run for about 60-90 minutes, so bring your hearing aids along. After the event is over you’ll need them to hear your friends.

Ask the Venue about Accessibility Services

Prior to your visit, contact the music venue to ask about accessibility options. Most concert halls and venues feature systems to help audience members who can’t hear clearly, have mobility issues, or have any other problem that can interfere with how they enjoy their time at the concert. 

The T-Mobile Arena accessibility guide features different accommodation options. Captioning services can be provided to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Make sure that the services which are listed on the venue’s website will be available during your visit. The majority of venues need a warning beforehand so that they may accurately accommodate your needs. 

Get Recommendations from Your Hearing Aid Specialist

All hearing aids are different with a variety of features, so talk to your hearing instrument specialist for recommendations. For example, some hearing aids feature telecoils or t-coils. 

T-coils can connect with loop systems within buildings. The loop system focuses on the music at the concert, while blocking out background noises like echoes. If your hearing aids feature a telecoil, your hearing instrument specialist will demonstrate how it works.

Hearing aids can also be programmed by your hearing instrument specialist so that you can have the best listening experience during the concert. 

Preparing For A Live Concert   

To make sure you have a great concert experience, here are some tips.

Don’t go alone 

Not only is going with a friend more fun, but if your friend has stronger hearing abilities, they’ll be able to guide you through the area if the volume on your hearing aids needs to be turned down. 

Stand or sit near the stage

If possible, be closer to the stage or a speaker. There will be less interference from other audience members. If you depend on an ASL interpreter, you’ll be more likely to see them if you are near the stage. 

Be prepared when making purchases

Whether you are buying drinks, food, or merch, it can be overwhelming to choose when there’s too much background noise. Instead of making decisions on the spot, look online for merch or at a menu before selecting. 

Switch off hearing aids if necessary

If sounds become overwhelming, turn off your hearing aids or wear hearing protection. Make your friends aware of this before the show so they know the best way to get your attention. 

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