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Managing Ear Infections If You Wear Hearing Aids

Ear infections can make wearing hearing aids complicated for any user. If you are experiencing an ear infection, immediately receive antibiotics. This usually helps to clear the infection.  Regular cleanings (completed by you daily or your hearing aid provider every 6 months or less, depending on how clogged up they are), and replacing hearing aid domes can also reduce the risk of infection. 

If you experience swelling in your ears, this can lead to an improper hearing aid fitting. Swelling may also muffle sounds or temporarily alter the way you hear acoustics. Some patients who had ear infections for many years may notice hearing loss for the duration of the condition. 

Recurring infections may require users to purchase new hearing aids altogether. Bacteria cause ear infections, and if the hearing aids are not thoroughly cleaned or can’t be completely disinfected, infections can occur over and over again. 

Hearing Aid Users should Treat Minor Outer Ear Infections

What you should do if you wear hearing aids and have an outer ear infection, and it does not clear on its own: 

  1. Your ears should get as much contact with the air as possible. Remove your hearing aids every so often if you have an ear infection. For customized in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, air is completely blocked from passing through your ears and causing them to sweat. This creates the perfect area for bacteria to grow and live.  
  2. Keep your ears dry. Moisture in an infected ear can worsen the infection, so don’t wash your ears.  
  3. If the infection lasts more than 4-5 days see a hearing healthcare professional, and use over-the-counter ear drops, or antibiotics. The cause of the infection will determine the proper treatment. For instance, a viral infection cannot be treated with antibiotics. 

If you are a hearing aid user, who experiences recurring ear infections, contact Pure Sound Hearing for a consultation. We offer hearing aid cleanings, replacement parts, and hearing aids. 

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