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9 Signs Of Early Hearing Loss

Early intervention is crucial for managing hearing loss. Finding and treating early signs of hearing loss early can help stop it from getting worse and causing more problems. ​

Hearing loss can be difficult to notice as it happens gradually. This makes it challenging for individuals to recognize when their hearing has worsened. Recognizing signs of hearing loss and being attentive to changes in hearing ability is crucial. ​

Top Signs of Hearing Loss

  1. Difficulty understanding spoken words: In these situations, individuals may struggle to hear and comprehend the speaker’s words. They may also struggle to recognize certain sounds or understand subtle differences in words. To help them understand, they may rely on reading lips or facial expressions.​
  2. Frequently asking for repetition: Frequently requesting others to repeat themselves or often uttering “What?” during discussions could indicate that you’re experiencing hearing difficulties.
  3. Turning up the volume: Turning up the sound on the TV, radio, or gadgets too much might mean you have trouble hearing.
  4. Impaired or garbled noises: Auditory impairment impacts the efficiency of a person’s ability to perceive sounds. It can make sounds unclear or distorted, making it hard for them to understand. This makes it difficult for them to understand what they hear.
  5. Difficulty hearing in noisy environments: Background noise can make it challenging for individuals with hearing loss to follow conversations. Restaurants, crowded gatherings, or busy streets may pose particular difficulties.
  6. Avoidance of social activities: People with hearing problems often face significant challenges in social situations. Not hearing or joining conversations can be frustrating, making people want to avoid socializing. They do this to protect themselves from feeling upset and alone because of their hearing problem.
  7. Tinnitus: People may have a constant noise in their ears that sounds like a ring or hum. Additionally, individuals with hearing loss may struggle to hear high-pitched sounds, including children’s voices or ringing phones.
  8. Fatigue or stress during conversations: Straining to hear and understand conversations can be mentally exhausting. Individuals with hearing loss may experience increased fatigue or stress during and after social interactions.
  9. Missing environmental sounds: People may not be able to hear important sounds like doorbells, alarm clocks, or approaching vehicles.


If you or someone you know have these signs, it’s important to see a hearing aid specialist for a hearing test. Contact Pure Sound Hearing Aids for a free hearing test. Early detection and intervention can significantly improve outcomes for individuals with hearing loss. 

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